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How To get  Condotel Financing


your Condotel in today's ROUGH WATERS

Still available as of   condotel  get condo hotel condotel financing

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Mr Condotel financing florida here condo hotel your condotel financing lender rates, Condotel condo hotel lender gets condotel financing loan. has lender financing.

Condotel Financing available in all 50 States to meet your needs, condotel financing is hard, due to the melt down of lenders in the past two years.

I still have lenders, but they are choosy as to what types of properties and borrowers they will fund.

We have condotel financing available,  

  • 300 sq ft minimium  1 bedroom -no studio's   

  • from $50,000 to $3,000,000 loans

  •  full income and full asset are still funding.

Reserves are 12 months payments liquid, after down payment and closing costs for loans up to $999,000. For condotel financing loans above $1,000,000 a 24 month reserve is required .

Under this first condotel financing program, a kitchen and seperate bedroom required.

We have other condotel financing programs but this one covers the whole USA.

Mr CondotelTM is here to help you get your condotel financing, Mr CondotelTM will take extra care to get your condotel financing loan ASAP. Remember, Mr CondotelTM has been around financing and will always give you a straight condotel financing answer,Mr Condotel financing florida is here. A condo hotel can get your condotel financing wholesale. Mr Condotel will take condo hotel to get your condotel financing loan ASAP. Remember, Mr Condotel has been around financing condotel and will always condo hotel straight condotel financing rates answers

 Mr CondotelTM- condotel financing expert

 here to help.

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Mr Condotel will take extra care to get your condo-tel financing loan ASAP.                Mr Condotel is here to help get your condotel financing. Mr Condotel here to help condo hotel and condotel condo tel condo-tel.

Remember, Mr Condotel has been around 

condotel financing

  and will always give you straight condo tel financing answers. Expert answers and fast turnaround time always! Many programs available.